Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time to Start Again

It’s amazing how quickly time can fly. In one moment, I’m writing like a mad-man with the Devil hot on his heels and in the next, everything comes to a screeching halt. Six months ago, I set out to start this blog site. Everything looked great save for the time it took to work on the blog. That same, scant amount of time had to be shared with worry over an evaporating employment situation and at the same time that I was completing the first draft of my first novel. With all of that out of the way, reentering college after a twenty year break has preoccupied my mind for the last month and a half.

Now, once again, I begin to embark down the road to recover my wits - that is to say, start writing again. Oh, it may b a journey wrought with potholes and curbs, filled with many moments where “real-life” takes precedence over the world of fantasy. Still, writing is a part of my life that I have ignored for far too long.

Well, here’s to hoping that I can make the final (and necessary) push to complete my manuscript without any considerable delays. It will be slower going this time, what with spending so many hours each day dedicated directly to higher education. None-the-less, the story has grown cold and I will need to once again begin from the beginning to rekindle the momentum lost.


  1. Glad your back and keep pressing forward with the manuscript!

  2. Thanks, Terry. I appreciate the vote of confidence.


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